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Re:Blyxa aubertii

    * From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>

The flowers mine send up always make it to surface.
My tank is 30 gallons with a deep gravel bed, so it's
only in about 13 inches or so of water depth.  Leaves
trail across the surface.  Mine has not yet sent out a
side shoot, even though it's about 8 or 9 inches wide
(seriously).  I asked Gloria at the Aquarium Center if
she had any experience with them and she said it's
kind of like with swordplants.  You can't just hack
part of it off like I was thinking of doing.  It looks
like the attached seed pod has opened up and dispersed
the seeds.  Oops.  Maybe they'll start popping up
around the tank.

I have read that B. aubertii never sends out runners and only propagates by
seeds.  It is hard not to think of it sending out runners because it looks
rather like a Vallisneria.  Kasselmann says you can also multiply it by
cutting up the rootstock, but I imagine the plant would have to grow a long
time before the rootstock got long enough to cut in pieces.

I have a Barclaya (green variety) that has a number of flowers, and some of
them have produced  cherry-sized, hard, heavy fruits that I presume are
going to release seeds sometime.  That Barclaya is a take-over,
shade-everything-else-out kind of plant.  I really need to give it more
room that it has in its 15 gallon tank.

Paul Krombholz, in warming central Mississippi, expecting some rain tonight
and tomorrow, but not a lot.