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Re:Where does the Sodium Go?

    * From: Cheryl Rogers <cheryl at rightstuffwebsites_com>

Neil Frank wonders where the sodium goes.

I dunno, but I can tell you that my tap water has 268 mg/l of sodium and
I can't grow a thing in it. The pH is off the charts alkaline and there
is no detectable General Hardness. When I was using this tap water, and
adding Seachem's Equilibrium for other minerals, the plants simply
refused to grow......


Your tap water sounds like mine, which has a KH of 9 and a GH of 0.  There
is no measurable calcium or magnesium in it, and it comes out of the tap
with a pH of 8.5,  Almost its only ingredient is sodium bicarbonate.  I
switched to rain water because all that sodium bicarbonate is not
particularly useful, and it hinders getting calcium into the water if you
are trying to get it from calcium carbonate.  I used to get calcium
deficiency often.  Now that I have switched to rain water, I don't have
that problem anymore.

You would think that water like that could only come out of a water
softening setup like those that folks use in hard water regions to keep
their hot water heater from getting its pipes blocked by lime deposits.  I
wonder what kind of geological conditions produce water like that.

Paul Krombholz, in warming central Mississippi, expecting some rain tonight
and tomorrow, but not a lot.