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Re: Dr's Foster and Smith Pet Warehouse

> The web site says "orders processed in 12 hours."  I asked if that
> meant that they go to shipping within 12 business hours.  They
> responded that it meant that within 12 business hours  of someone
> placing an order, they will "enter it into our system."  I wouldn't
> have guessed that was what it meant.

It definitely doesn't.  I placed an order with them on the 7th and it wasn't
shipped out for 4 days.  They don't give you a tracking number, (like Pet
Warehouse did) but when I received the box on the 16th, I got it off the
label and tracked why it had taken so long.  Part of my order was not
shipped, and has been shipped separately.  I don't feel that I waited too
terribly long, but Wisconsin is not that far from Virginia, and I could
order from Pet Warehouse that was in Ohio and get things overnight via
ground delivery.  Maybe my friend Ricky would be interested in commenting on
the Flourite that he has been waiting on for over a month :-)  He has
recieved one box, but the other has disappeared.  Just maybe we don't want
to get him started <grin>  I allowed a week for delivery, but my test kits
were just about dry when I got the refills for them.

Ben Belton
SW Virginia

> They also said that, except for "drop ships" for a few items, they ship
> out of Wisconsin.  Was Pet Warehouse based in Wisconsin?  Was this a
> merger or maybe just a web address purchase?  Not only the prices, but
> it sems the selection of goods has changed also.  It just doesn't quite
> feel like the old Pet Warehouse.
> Scott H.