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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1545 heat and Cold

  Bob, I've used one of the homemade refrigerator chillers for several years 
and it will
drop the temp in my 75 about 10 degrees in the worst of Aug,Sep. When it 
kicking the heater on  I disconnect it. This tank is kept in a room with no 
control at all When the temp goes  down I just slap on the insulation sheets 
remove it in the morning. Stays at 72 even when the room drops into 40's with
just a 100 watt heater. When the temps reach low eighties I start up the 
Seems adequate except for Aug Sep when night temps remain high.
   Your suggestion of heat pumps is a good idea except for the initial cost 
the heat the unit generates whole cooling. Vented ,remote location would 
one problem. but probably just kicking up the air would do the same without 
cost except operating. My fear is that 600 gallons is a whole different story
especially with all the lights and pumps
    Could use one of those units that the grocery store uses for lobster Then
could  keep cod or trout.lol
                                      Gary    fla.