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Re: Have Blyxa seeds. What now?

The first attempt to answer this seems to have beenbe messed up going 
to US from Australia.

the blyxa seeds will be black when mature.  They will be in a jelly 
within the long thin pod and if left the pod will dissolve and the 
seeds will disperse throughout your aquarium.   If you let plenty of 
light through to the substrate they will sprout within your tank and 
grow to maturity.   The Blyxa aubertii  here in the top end of 
Australia are more common in creeks and rivers with softer water. 
The seeds can dry out because they come up in my new pots made up 
from old potting mix that has been out of the water and dry for a 
long time.   The only part of the adult plant that can come out of 
the water is the flower the same sort of thing as Ottelia alismoides 
and Vallisneria as they are in the same family.   They grow in non 
permanent creeks and swamps as well as permanent creeks.   In the non 
permanent waters the seeds dry out each dry season then germinate and 
grow when the wet season rains fill the swamps and billabongs again.

Dave Wilson

My massive Blyxa aubertii has produced what appear to
be two semi-transparent seed packets.  They are
elongate and are about a half inch below where the
flowers were on the modified leaves.  The seeds are
positioned horizontally and stacked vertically.  What
can I do?  Blyxa are exclusively aquatic, aren't they?
Should I place them in some soil in small containers
in my tank?  One of the pods is still attached to the
plant and it looks like they may be sprouting inside
the pod.  I know not many people even have experience
with Blyxa, but you never know...  Even if I'm the
first with this, I'll still let you guys know.

Thanks, Cavan

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