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Re: Pet Warehouse and Drs. Smith and Foster Merger

tom nick commented on the merger of Pet Warehouse and Drs. Smith and
Foster Merger.
> Your message <Onyx Sand I just ordered.  It was $14.39 total per bag
> including freight>
> I called them the price was 17.99 plus shipping??
> They think an error was made at your price, they refused to honor it.
> I checked [Redacted] it is only 13$ and change.
> It looks like the Dr's are raising the old PW prices??

The web site says "orders processed in 12 hours."  I asked if that
meant that they go to shipping within 12 business hours.  They
responded that it meant that within 12 business hours  of someone
placing an order, they will "enter it into our system."  I wouldn't
have guessed that was what it meant.

They also said that, except for "drop ships" for a few items, they ship
out of Wisconsin.  Was Pet Warehouse based in Wisconsin?  Was this a
merger or maybe just a web address purchase?  Not only the prices, but
it sems the selection of goods has changed also.  It just doesn't quite
feel like the old Pet Warehouse.

Scott H.

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