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Re: Big heating cables

Thanks to all so far,
I live in Spain, which causes other problems, specifically related to getting the hardware mentioned:-(. The reason I liked the idea of the Hot Foil People is that 
1 They do all the work:-)
2 It's not too expensive (much less than the other options)
3 They can do custom systems
4 They do a silicone insulated version
5 I cannot fork out the $300 dollars quoted for a custom transformer unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.
6 They're based in europe so delivery won't be too much of a problem

Although I live in Spain, where everybody knows it's hot in summer, most people don't know that it can get COLD in winter. Before Christmas it dropped to -15C in my area and in summer it'll not drop below 30C at night. However, it will be in my living room (that's big too), so the ambient temp. won't drop much below 10C or 15C(yeah, I don't mind it being a bit cool). 
Being in Euroland does have some advantages, particularly where lighting is concerned, I've recently seen some Sodium lights with a colour temp. of 5000 or so. I haven't seen them in action yet but they're much more reasonably priced than the MH equivalent (though I may have found a source for those at the same price as the Sodiums). I suppose that if all else fails I can raid the spot lights at the Nou Camp (that's Barcelona FC's soccer ground);-).
Thanks for the cable calculations, anyway. I may go that route. Thanks also for the advice about having a separate board for the electric: good idea, I have a friend who can do that for me.
Kepp the ideas coming:-)



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