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CO2 cylinder question

Joe Kopanski wrote:
> Welding (~99.5% CO2), beverage (~99.8%), and medical 
> CO2 (~99.99%) all come from the same source, the differences 
> being introduced by the types of cylinders, level of control, 
> distributors procedures, etc.  [... ...]  Myself, I bought a new 
> 10# aluminum cylinder from M3.  Since I had a new, clean 
> cylinder, I found a fire extinguisher company that would refill 
> while I waited.  
I bought a 10lb cylinder a few years ago, and whenever I need a refill I
bring it to a gas company that supplies medical, welding and beverage
needs.  They simply trade cylinders with me.  It doesn't matter where
the cylinder comes from as long as the inspection date on the incoming
cylinder meets their criteria.
Michael Rubin  ~  San Francisco
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