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Re: CF color temp

>All other things being equal, is there a reason why I might choose a 5300K 
>bulb over a 6400K bulb, or vice versa?  AHSupply has 36W bulbs that I'm 
>looking at (although the 5300K has a longer life according to them), and I'm 
>wondering, just in terms of what the plants need (crypts, j.moss and x.moss) 
>and how the fish look, is one preferable to the other?  Also, if they offer 
>the same in those terms, is the 2000 reported hours worth an extra six 
>dollars?  I like to be as cheap as I can :)

I can answer this pretty well since I have AH Supply's 5000K 13 watt CF
lights on my little tanks and 6700K hamilton lights (before I knew about AH
supply :-) on my 20 gallon tanks. Both lights grow plants pretty well, but
the 6700K gives a bit more "crystalline" blue look to things. I supposed
the 6700K simulates the look of slightly deeper water, and IMHO, it makes
for a very nice glow around the area of the tank after reflecting off all
the green foliage in the tanks.

I don't think there is any difference between the two color temps in terms
of life expectancy, and overall I think it will come down to a personal
preference type decision. One thing to watch out for though: going from a
higher color temp bulb to a lower one will make EVERYTHING look YELLOWER,
no matter what the bulbs look like by themselves. Everyone I've ever had
look seems to have their idea of "white" shift bluer after seeing a higher
color temp light source, and then anything that isn't the "new" version of
"white" (with more blue in it) looks yellow.


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