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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1542 Big Tank heating cables

    Colin WOW 1000 gallons:!! That is a heating problem How much heat gain 
is required and will the room be normally heated?. You could check into
spa or pool heaters if you need a large temp gain. or perhaps a remote 
tank? Probably thug heating cables would be the way to go. I would certainly
insulate every area that you can What type lighting system? lot of heat there
especially if you enclose the top perhaps with outside vents? Passive solar 
an option in some areas. I would think lighting would be more of a 
operating expense than heat in average use.
    I've been thinking of a large setup of 3 , 200 gallon tanks and the 
problem that
most bothers me is heat and the humidity problem..Living in south florida 
much more of a problem and expensive to solve. They make chillers for this 
but think they would be inadequate in my situation. The room has air but the 
and pumps will add a lot. Been checking into suntubes for light. Seems 
A remote refrigeration unit would probably be overkill and cooling tower 
  Going to close off and insulate the area as much as possible. Don't want no
250 a month light bills lol