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CO2 cylinder question

After nearly 2 years worth of yeast brews, I'm finally getting around to 
putting together a high-pressure CO2 gas system.  I've been checking around 
town and, so far, I've only found one supplier who has lab/medical-grade 
CO2 -- I prefer to use this grade just for the peace of mind.  Trouble is 
that they only have it available in what is called an E-cylinder.

So, is anyone familiar with E-cylinders?  Is it compatible with a standard 
CO2 regulator and CGA 320 fitting?  If not, is there an adapter that can be 
safely used?  They cannot fill other types of cylinders, so it's the 
E-cylinder or nothing.  The guy on the phone didn't know too much beyond 
the type of cylinder and the price ($8 per cyl).

I have considered food-grade and will go for it if I have to, but I prefer 
to exhaust my medical-grade options first.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee