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RE: Pet Supply Liquidators / Domain Name

Anthony Baker commented:
> I would also agree, but they do have a domain -- its
> www.petsupplyliquidator.com -- I listed it right under the angelfire
> one.

[[[So it is.  That takes care of the $20 less change.]]]]

> If you mean that they should pay for one without popups, my
> impression is
> that it is kind of a "Mom & Pop" business, and not a full-time
> enterprise.

[[[Pop-ups signify big business?]]]

> So far I have emailed them about 10 times, and I always get a
> response
> within an hour or so, and all of my questions were answered.  
[[[Either they have a lot of staff or they aren't very busy yet.]]]
>I am
> very
> pleased with that kind of service.  I like to support small
> companies, and
> for the price they charged me -- $110 shipped -- I think I am getting
> a
> pretty good deal.  Like I said though, I will post a message once I
> receive
> the light and install it.
> - -Tony

[[While the site does not seem to me as nice or informative as, for
example, AH Supply, that will probably improve as (and if) the business
progresses.  The prices can give AH Supply a run for it's money but
only if those prices can support the business and the service long term
-- remember when Amazon was building it's market by selling books,
including shipping, for less than they cost in your neighborhood Barnes
and Noble?  I think Ah Supply has already driven down prices (or
lowered the competitive base) for lamp/bulb vendors.  So it will be
interesting to see what happens with the "new kid on the block."

Keep us posted Tony, and don't leave out any details.

Scott H.

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