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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1541 Parrot feather

   In my own experience with Parrot feather it grows both submersed an 
When first planted underwater it grows very fast, apparently trying to get to 
surface. If you prune it off and plant the tips the leave grow much longer 
and take
on a bronze color and the growth rate will dramatically decrease. It never 
sends out runners and IMO it's more attractive than cabomba
   In my bog garden it looks entirely different the leaves are much smaller 
grayish green and sends runners beyond the edges of the pond. It will cover 
entire area every two months if not pruned severly.The only thing that will 
stop it
is very dry areas. though it hangs on in overflow areas.
   If you look at a stem of submersed compared to emerged you'd think they 
two different plants..The nature of the plant is entirely different also.
   Interesting to watch the structural change.IME it takes about 3 weeks to
change into the submersed form
                                                     Gary      fla.