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Re: GH-KH..(DH)

Greger Lindstrand would like to know the relationship between

In the APD archives, you can find numerous entries just by using the
search engine.
Eric, over at the Krib.com, has some information collected as well, not
a bad place
to check for basic information.
Hey, and particular in Sweden, where the great Sven Kullander is from,
you should
be able to read up on some very interesting books about Fish/Plants and
Water Chemistry :-)

..in short..

Carbonate Hardness
Natural bodies of water have Carbonate and Hydrogen carbonate ( CO3-2 &
These are the makers of KH-if-and only if they find a enough Calcium and
Every Carbonate & Hydrogen carbonate has to have a Calcium and Magnesium
counterpart !
Therefore KH can not be greater then  GH  ! (very rare and a illusion !)

General Hardness
Around 80% are Calcium and Magnesium
GH should always be a "bit" higher then KH to get a balanced ratio.
In general, I guess it is safe to say that the KH should be about
70%-80% of the GH

I pass on this one !
I assume it means "Deutsche Haertegrade" German Hardness !
Just a overwriting explanation that these measurements (GH/KH) are taken
in German Hardness Degrees .

are measurements, which are truly outdated these days !
Nobody, besides us in the hobby, is using these terms anymore.
Today's measurements are ppm (parts per million)
mmol/l ( millimol per liter) etc.

As said, this is the short version, not 100% accurate, but I hope it
gives you the idea.