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RE: Ghost Shrimp Project

Tom wrote:
"One Amano male went after a tried to kill a Ghost shrimp. Not sure if it
made it or not and fed the Amano some pellets to keep them off of the Ghost
shrimps. They are more fragile and more likely to be looked upon as
food.......add them first and later add the more aggressive animals etc."

Well, Tom, I am glad you'll be putting your analytical mind to this notion
of shrimp... I think it is pretty ridiculous to pay 2 bucks a pop for the
Amanos.  The 12 ghost shrimp I put in my 10 gal bathroom tank cleaned out
all the thread / hair algae in 2 days.  The x-mas moss in there is so clean
I should take a photo!

But, I wouldn't call ghost shrimps wimps though -- I watched the 4 biggest
ones in my 5 gal tank hunt down and eat 2 baby mollies -- they were
successful in under 20 minutes!  Ate every bit too!  Really shocked me!  And
here I thought I was doing them a favor and removing them away from my
Apistos in my main tank!!  C'est la vie.

I am still setting up my new 29G, and I plan on having 30 ghost shrimp, 2
SAEs and ramshorn snails as algae control once the plants go in.  We'll see
how that goes.

One thing that does freak me out a little is having the shrimp peck at my
hands and arms when I reach in the tanks for pruning!  It reminds me of the
behavior of Peterson's Cleaning Shrimp while scuba diving, albeit in my