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Great Catalog from Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.

I just got the 2002 Catalog from Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.  You can find them
at www.aquaticeco.com  They have always met their same day shipping pledge
when I have ordered from them and their prices are competitive.  The catalog
has 608 pages and has everything for aquariums, ponds, aquaculture,
hydroponics, etc.  What I like most about them is that they stock pH meters,
light meters, pumps, etc. in industrial grades, i.e. better (and more
expensive) than the usual hobbyist grade from pet stores.  They also have a
a full line of the relevant LaMotte and Hach test kits, plus hard to find
things like clear pvc, rockwool, various trace element mixes, etc.  I have
no finacial interest in the company, just sharing a source for harder to
find items...

Joe K in Takoma Park, MD

Blooming outside:  Erica, Helebores, and Galanthus
Blooming in the plant tank:  Annubias Bateri (submerged), Pennywort, and
Aponogeton crispus