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Another newbie

I've been reading the postings for about a month as I bought my equipment
and set up my tank. It's all been very helpful and has encouraged me to
try to understand the chemistry. I just added plants a few days ago and
they are already rooting and coloring up. My question for now has to do
with the Corkscrew Vals. Although they are pearling away, some of the
leaves seem to be becoming transparent. Could that be shipping shock or
is something else going on? I have a 46 gallon tank with 4x36w of CF, I'm
using a DIY CO2 generator  and I've mixed up some PMDD which I'm using,
along with some trace minerals from a hydroponic outlet. There are no
fish in the tank yet so no Ammonia or Nitrites.  My pH, which was
originally 7.6 is down to 7.2, my KH is 179ppm and my GH is 232ppm.
Should I be doing something different for the Vals? Thanks in advance.