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RE: Pet Supply Liquidators / Domain Name

Jerry Baker wrote:
>>I dunno about a store that won't even bother to get their own domain.
It's not like it's expensive. With $20 you can register a domain and get
it hosted and have a few cents left over. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I
always view things suspiciously.<<

I would also agree, but they do have a domain -- its
www.petsupplyliquidator.com -- I listed it right under the angelfire one.

If you mean that they should pay for one without popups, my impression is
that it is kind of a "Mom & Pop" business, and not a full-time enterprise.
So far I have emailed them about 10 times, and I always get a response
within an hour or so, and all of my questions were answered.  I am very
pleased with that kind of service.  I like to support small companies, and
for the price they charged me -- $110 shipped -- I think I am getting a
pretty good deal.  Like I said though, I will post a message once I receive
the light and install it.