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Back again

I finally got my plants yesterday from AAG.  (the shipping was fast, I just got
carried away with setting things up)

Today I got my 10 gallon tank planted with 10 Crypt Wendtii Red, 10 Corkscrew
Vals, and four large potted Wendtii Red.

I laid down a layer of Profile, dusted in a bit of my pondtabs plant fertilizer
(one tab worth) and put down more Profile. I then planted, filled in more
profile and filled the tank.

I am not sure that the substrate is level, but at least everything is planted.  
I have 2, 15 watt GE Chroma 50's on the tank and I am going to hook up my DIY
CO2 tomorrow.

Any advice?

Pictures are coming once the film gets to the developers.


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