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No hassle, Free Plants...

This seemed to work very well last time I did it.

Mailing plants and doing all of that coordination stuff is usually a pain,
but last time I did it, I had someone sent me a S.A.S.B (Box) so I did not
have to wait for a check, deposit the check, go to the post office, buy
postage, etc...


I'll be pruning this weekend. I imagine I'll be having some spare:

Glosso (Some)
Riccia (Lots)
Red Ludwigia (Lots)
Rotala Indica (Lots)
Rotala Macrandra (maybe a couple of stems)
Pearlgrass (Lots)
Alternanthera (Red, a few stems)
Pygmy Chain (possibly)
Sunset Hygro (Definitely)

So, if your interested, send me an e-mail. This is enough for one, possible
two people.

I'll send you my address, you mail me a box that has your address and about
$5.00 in postage already on the box. Specify what you would like. When I
trim, I'll drop the cuttings in the box and put it in the mail (not
overnight, don't need to) the next morning. You should then get them in a
few days.

Let me know.

- Jeff