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RE: m3 Regulator & Manifolds

I wrote some time ago asking for help installing a 
manifold on my M3 Deluxe (6.0) CO2 system to allow me 
to share CO2 between two tanks.  I had been told by 
Edward from M3 that it was not possible to 
disassemble the Deluxe, because the threads were 
sealed / Lok-Tighted.  

Well, last night, I decided to give it a try.  I took 
a large crescent wrench, and using a little force, 
was able to get the needle valve to unscrew from the 
solonoid.  No problems, nothing broke.  I was left 
with a 1/8" female pipe thread fitting.  Now, when 
the parts I ordered from Clippard.com arrive, I will 
have a low cost, hopefully easy to use manifold.  

Thanks to those who help -- especially Dave Grim.

So, the lesson of the day -- don't give up on 
something just because someone says it wont work!!

I removed atleast 4 lbs of excess plants last night, 
most of which ended up in the trash.  If anyone out 
there wants some cuttings (m. micranthemoids, H. 
zosterofolia, glosso, A. reinicki, & more) in about a 
month or so, email me off list.