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Re: Epoxy Safety

I had to use this stuff sometimes when I was a tilesetter back in the
70s -- I had to pay for grad school somehow.

Epoxy, once fully cured should be safe.  However, until fully cured, it
is very nasty stuff.  In fact, all humans develop allergic to it
depending on cumulative length of exposure.  Your reaction worsens with
each exposure.  Some people reach an acute reaction after very little
exposure (being in the same auditorium in which epoxy is being used for
a few minutes).  The rest need repeated doses.  The effects of epoxy
are cumulative over your lifetime, like bee stings and your reaction to
disco music.

All kidding aside, always treat uncured epoxy like it's poison to touch
or breath.  Don't let it touch your skin; only use in a very well
ventilated area; always minimize your exposure and that of others --
don't use it while others are around.  This might sound paranoid to
those that haven't seen how sudden and acute the reaction can be.  If
you notice an allergic reaction, put the stuff down, leave the area.

But once it is cured, it's as safe as vinyl, even for those that react
violently to the uncured material.

And if you live in California, you should be able to get the Material
Safety Data Sheet.

Scott H.

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