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What Type Wood for Driftwood?

The recent discussion on driftwood ties in with a problem I have been 
trying to figure out.  I have some small planted tanks, one with a 
pretty large piece of driftwood that I bought but the other doesn't have 
any.  I'd like to add a small, thin, branchy piece about 6 inches long. 
 I'd like it as a place for my Amano shrimps, Otocinclus and tiny tetras 
to hide under, and for my Otos to chew on.  Considering the small size 
of the tank and the look I'm going for,  I was thinking a small piece of 
wood from a branch where side branches come out.  Since it will be a 
small piece, it should be easy to boil or whatever I need to do to make 
it safe for my tank.  So the big question is, what types of wood are 
safe for an aquarium?  I'm assuming that it needs to be completely dead 
before using.  I tried searching on the Krib and on FINS but can't seem 
to find what I'm looking for.  

Thanks everyone for your help!
Christine Bennett
christine.bennett at usa dot com