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Re: phosphate in my tap water

> I have about 1 ppm phosphate in my tap water. Given that I'd like to do
> weekly/biweekly water changes and don't want to try removing the phosphate, I
> would like to get some recommendations for a good target nitrate level. I have
> 2x55 W CF in a 55 gallon. Tom? Beuller? Beuller?
> ;)
> - Stephen

Consider yourself lucky. What's your NO3 from the tap? Anyway, lots of CO2,
NO3-2-10ppm (15ppm or more tended to give rise to glass algae), heavy
traces(20-30mls weekly of Flourish or TMG),l K2SO4 1/2 teaspoon weekly.
Do 50% or larger water changes. 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a week will take care of
the NO3 if you have a moderate to small fish load. Observe your tank after
water changes. You'll see a PO4 effect.
Tom Barr