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Setting up first planted tank - most likely low/medium light

Hi, I'm a freshman in college and recently purchased a 20 gallon high
aquarium for my dorm room. I've kept multiple fish tanks before but
haven't had much success when it comes to live plants. I currently have
just the 15w fluorescent hood that I bought with the tank but am looking
for a better light. At the moment I can't justify buying a full-blown
CO2 system but will set up a DIY yeast reactor. (unless anyone out there
has a regulator and canister that they are willing to part with for
under a hundred dollars :) Anyway, I have a few questions:

What would you recommend I replace the lighting with?? Would two 20w
bulbs be enough? If so, what is a reasonable price for a hood? Do the
polished aluminum reflectors make as much of a difference as
	In the pet warehouse catalog I have I was looking at the
	~Perfecto double-bulb strip light $40
	~Phazer II $119 (two T-8 bulbs)
	~Perfecto SHO compact fluorescent 24" 55w bulb $100

Any advice as to which of these would be the best with regard to
performance and cost? Does anyone out there have a used light for a 20
gallon tank that they're looking to sell?? 

The plants I'm planning on growing to start are (were given in an
Aquarium Fish article for easy to maintain, low light tank)

Java fern 'Windelov'
Java fern (normal)
Anubias barteri var. nana
Cryptocoryne wendtii

(If anyone has any of these they'd like to get rid of, I'd be more than
happy to take them :) I'd pay for shipping, of course. If so, drop me an
email at erik_peterson at tayloru_edu

What other plants will do reasonably well under the given lighting?
(assuming I'm going to buy one of the lights listed above or make my own
with a kit)

I'm planning on buying some driftwood from aquariumdriftwood.com. Good
stuff? How do the plants sold there compare to those from Arizona
Aquatic Gardens?

And lastly, what is the best recommended commercial fertilizer/nutrient
product and where can I buy it?

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I have a power filter (no
carbon), the tank is in the mid 70s, and I have hard water with a pH in
the mid to high sevens (how much will the CO2 lower that?) I currently
have one clown pleco and a danio that a friend gave me. (I'll most
likely get rid of it, but since I came in one day and it was in there,
I've left it for now)

If anyone has any other advice or recommendations for a low/medium light
beginner tank: fish, plants, lighting, links to web sites, etc, I'd
appreciate it. Thanks in advance :)