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Re: Open Celled Foam

Hey gang,

Chuck Huffine wrote:
<<Like many of you, I'm always on the lookout for
inexpensive  alternatives to  the materials and tools
we use.  One of the few things that I haven't been 
able to locate is a good source for the type of
open-celled foam used for coarse mechanical filtration
in Eheim "classic" and other cannister filters 
- -- the stout, blue stuff.  Something suitable for
fine mech filtration would be peachy, too.  Has anyone
located a good source for such material?>>

What I've been using is the disc shaped dish scrubby
things that you can buy in 8-12 packs in any dollar
store. They are made of plastic and come in diffrernt
colors. They are about 4-5 inches in diameter, and 1
1/2 inches thick. Thet are slightly denser than the
foam that comes with filters.

I have stuffed these into HOT Magnums, Fluval
cannisters, and Aquaclear power filters, As well as
Fluval internal filters and Millenium power filters.

They work great. They quickly develop a microfilm and
work almost as well as floss for mechanical use, IMO,
YMMV, etc. I also, speculate, they would work
fantastically in a wet/dry situation. Just toss 'em in
the sump. At 5-10 dollars to fill a 20 gallon tank,
they are very cost effective.   

Also, they come sold in a mesh bag that makes a nice
filter bag for crushed coral, carbon, etc...Waste not
want not.

Good luck,
John Wheeler

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