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Re: cutting down Vallisneria gigantea

"does regularly trimming giant vals harm the plants irreparably?  i've been
doing it since the long leaves tend to take over the surface of  the tanks
but i've noticed that they have not been growing back as fast as before. "

I've noticed the same problem with some vallisneria gigantea that I 
had in my tank, so I think you're onto something. That plant, in my 
experience anyway, doesn't seem to like being trimmed and eventually 
it seems like the growth becomes stunted. After several months of 
trimming the tops on mine, the plants decided to stop growing 
altogether. It wasn't dying, but it also wasn't growing. The thinner 
leaved Vals seem more tolerant to trimming, but I think they also are 
eventually effected. Fortunately, those put out so many runners that 
there is always a supply of new plants to work with.

It also seems like the shorter you trim Vallisneria gigantea, the 
worse the problems becomes.


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