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needed accuracy to calculate and dose NPK

I wrote and then Tom Barr replied:
>> Looks like the CaNO3 also helps to supply NO3 to make final N:K into 1:1
>I was correct. 
>This _was_ included in their elemental ratios. This is based on the total
>elemental of all the additives not just one salt for one Nutrient source.
>Just look at N from NO3 then. A 1 M solution of N from KNO3 would give 14
>grams/mole in a liter of N or 14000 mg of N in a liter. 14000ppm(or mg/l) x
>.006liters(in 6mls)  = 84ppm for KNO3 alone. Adding the other 3 sources of N
>up you'll find it hits 224ppm. So the ratio first stated was correct.
>3.6 :1: 3.8

Tom, Yes of course you were correct. When I said 1:0:1, I was merely
rounding your numbers for the nitrogen and potassium parts only. When we
measure with teaspoons, it is more than sufficient to report values to the
nearest integer!

I was trying to emphasize my point that KNO3 may not be sufficient to
provide all the needed nitrogen without leaving excess potassium to
_potentially_ accumulate.