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Re: E.Red Flame vs E.Red Ozelot

>Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 17:17:59 -0500
>From: Neil Frank <aquarian.subjects at mindspring_com>
>Subject: Re: E. 'Red Flame' and java moss

>I dont know where you are located, but assume not USA. We cant yet get from
>Tropica. For us in the US, red flame is available, but it may go by
>differnt names (e.g. red ozelot, or what I call green on red ozelot). It
>has been in production for many years by Florida Aquatic Nurseries, but
>unfortunately is not in demand by many LFS, so it is still relatively rare
>here. But that is another story.

Dear Neil,

I'm hobbyist from Indonesia, just to put comment to your above letter.
As long as I know E.'Red Flame' is different from E.Red Ozelot, in Indonesia 
I still can get E.Red Ozelot (domestically planted) although more easy to 
find the E.Ozelot (green base with brownish spot), but for E.'Red Flame the 
story totally different as I need to buy from Tropica's dealer in S'pore at 
quite expensive (US$12.5 if not mistaken) as none of the farm here can 
afford the initial culture.
Sometimes if you are 'lucky' you can find in 1-2 shops at US$ 17.5/pot in 
Jakarta (still they only have less than 5 pots stock)

I've been able to grow E.Red Ozelot successfully achieving the best show 
class performance under my 150 x 60 x 60 cm , with 4 x 40 watts Azoo 
Super-white lamps, Co2- 3 bubles/sec, basic fertilizer Dupla-Rit ixed with 
Dennerle Deponit Mix 150 then covered with Philippines white sand. The plant 
size almost 50 cm in height and the leaves measured at 20 cm width ! The 
color is very fantastic, light green base with brown-reddish spot, and the 
leaves is not formed in 'sword' but tend to big oval (or maybe because mine 
is too fat????)

Then my E.Red Flame is real sword form and the leaves base is green brownish 
with strong red spot dominance spread over ea. leaves(not brownish)and more 
beautiful than E.Red Ozelot. And if compared aple to aple we can see big 
differences such size, leaves form, spot color, spot style....

Any other feedback?

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