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Re: Mounting fans on top of hood


In terms of leaving my fan on all night, the main reason is I am a lazy cow!

Actually, with the metal halide bulb and all the heat it generates, the fan
runs at a fairly high rate for a little while after the bulb is out.  It
slows down afterwards to where you can't even hear it.   The stand has a
large pipe hooked into the  basement for my auto water changing system that
isn't in place.  During the summer months, I let the temps rise downstairs
at night.   Because it is open inside my stand (on the back of course),
cool air is actually pulled up through the pipe into the hood and cools it
slightly.   Also, since it is so quiet at night I just let it go.   It would
probably save energy if I turned it off.  Never thought of it actually.

I did, however, think of it on the two occasions I was inside the hood
working in the back of the tank and got my hair caught in that thing!!


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