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RE: Pressure Regulators

Submitted In the interest of good friendly conversation, with no malice.
Scott wrote:
>>why try to convert an O2 regulator to a CO2 fitting<<
>>Victors are well known as Cadillacs (Merecedes? -- Eheims?) in the realm 
of gas pressure regulators. They are very good if you can afford them.<< 
(emphasis mine)
My comment:
Precisely why I posted the information. New Victor Regulators are 
expensive. Used CO2 regulators are especially hard to find. Used nitrogen 
and oxygen regulators are relatively easier to locate. For those with 
limited funds (or a wife that wants to spend a week in NYC...), a little 
leg work and some small amount of elbow grease makes the unlikely possible. 
Of course, this should only be attempted if you are sure that the 
conversion is safe.
Scott wrote:
>>Probably overkill for planted tanks -- especially 2-stage regulators. A 
second stage helps to keep the output pressure stable when the CO2 tank 
pressure gets low. But CO2 gas is so cheap, especially compared to the p  
rice of 2-stage regulators, why not just refill the cylinder when the CO2 
tank pressure starts to drops way down?<<
My comment:
The point you make is valid, although I'm not sure it is relevant to the 
purpose of my post. My intent was to help someone looking for an entry 
level system get the most bang (possible not a good word choice when 
dealing with pressurized cylinders...) for their buck. If I am wasting my 
time and your bandwidth, I apologize. Please let me know and I will cease 
and desist.

I will wind up with a two stage, dual gauge Victor regulator for less that 
$30. Not bad for a few minutes on the internet, 15 minutes at the local 
welding supply store, 3-inches of Teflon tape, and 10 minutes at the 
workbench. If I sell my existing regulator, the investment is even less. 
(Any one interested in a single stage, single gauge regulator that has been 
in CO2 use for two years without a single fault?).

As an after-note, I have never experienced the "end of tank dump" event. I 
don't know at what pressure this occurs. I would guess it is different with 
each regulator, or at least each type or model number. If I can avoid this 
event and get another 2, or 3, or 4 weeks of use between refills, it is 
that much less time I spend at the welding supply store swapping cylinders. 
Worth the small investment in this case.

Douglas Guynn
	dguynn at nwol_net

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