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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1534

All I use for the sump on my drilled 180gal tank is a Rubbermaid container
with a small plastic bucket in it. The bucket has a few holes drilled in it
near the bottom and is fitted with a plastic furnace filter pad just at
water level. The hoses from my returns sit on the pad to keep down the
splashing and allow for some air to keep the "chugging" down to a minimum.
The whole thing cost me about 10.00, I think. I can't justify a commercial
made wet dry, I would rather spend my money on plants and livestock.
I use a Mag5 as a return pump on one side of the tank the other side is
capped off.
I use a Magnum 350 basically for Co2 injection and more water circulation.

Take a look at this page for the Durso standpipe link. My pumps are louder
than the overflows using this method.

Best of Luck,
Keith and Lisa
> I was wondering if I could get some opinions on which wetdry filter to buy
> for a 125 that is drilled with bulkhead fittings. Also If I only use one
> with an overflow box in the corner, can I use the other side as the return
> going to a spray bar? Does anyone sell spray bars or is that a diy item.
> thinking about making the wetdry- got a lot of great info from the krib
> other people's sites, but I still would like to know what brand comercial
> units everyone is using and if they are happy with them.