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Re: Pressure regulators-Victors

Douglas Guynn wrote aboutr Victor gas pressure regulators

He seemed to be considering ways to convert non-CO2 Victor regulators
to CO2 ones.  But Victor makes single and 2-stage CO2 regulators, so
why try to convert an O2 regulator to a CO2 fitting.

The 2-stage is model Vts253b-320    
The 1-stage is model Sr253b-320 
The 2-stage costs about $60 more than the single -- both have dual

Victors are well known as Cadillacs (Merecedes? -- Eheims?) in the
realm of gas pressure regulators.  They are very good if you can afford

Probably overkill for planted tanks -- especially 2-stage reguators.  A
second stage helps to keep the output pressure stable when the CO2 tank
pressure gets low.  But CO2 gas is so cheap, especially compared to the
price of 2-stage regulators, why not jsut refill the cyclinder when the
CO2 tank pressure starts to drops way down?

Scott H.

Scott H.

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