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> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> Subject: SAE RIP

> riccia.   Since the distress continued, I changed 70% of the 
> water.  Nothing helped, the distress continued and the fish started 
> dying.  I have lost for sure 6/10 fish.  Likely more.   

Lack of oxygen comes first to my mind, then perhaps the possibility that
there might be traces of copper or some other nasty stuff in the water.
SAEs are certainly the fish in your tank which most easily are affected by
low oxygen levels.

> fair, the SAEs are tough to find.  My partner says she thinks she saw a 
> half size SAE, indicating a spawning, which is what I was after.   

A "half-sized" SAE ahould be at least several months old, not a recently
hatched one. 

> Are SAEs semilparous? 

If this means the thing when you die after having bred, then no. SAEs can
do it more than once, and I have never heard them having any problems or
even being weak after spawning.