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Re: E. 'Red Flame' and java moss

>>I dont know where you are located, but assume not USA. We cant yet get
Tropica. For us in the US, red flame is available, but it may go by
differnt names (e.g. red ozelot, or what I call green on red ozelot). It
has been in production for many years by Florida Aquatic Nurseries, but
unfortunately is not in demand by many LFS, so it is still relatively rare
here. But that is another story.<<

It is still being produced by FAN under the name Red Flame. I can get it
occasionaly, and Fishvet sells it. Right Daphene? :) I dont't think it looks
all that much different than a red ozelot, but a big difference in price.
FANs cultivar
'Indian red" I think is more unique looking, and the double red Osiris or
"Ruby Sword" is the darkest red. There is also a cultivar called "rosaefolia
sword," which honestly I have no idea who owns rights to it, it comes out of
Florida. Here is a picture from one of my customers of a year old plant
after it colored up: http://www.aquabotanic.com/images/roseafolia2.jpg
Anybody know where this plant comes from?

Robert Paul Hudson