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Re:One parameter at a time

> One point made by Tom which I would like to totally agree with is the need
> to change only ONE parameter at a time. It takes a lot of patience and a
> willingness to wait to accurately measure the success or failure of any
> approach to plant husbandry.

Tell me about it:) I figured that out after a few years. Since then I went
back to take other looks at it to see where you could cut corners(say on
test kits) Seeing if the parameters are more flexible here or there is

I'm still enjoying the lighting manipulation. I think it's interesting that
even at high nutrient levels, low lighting works so well(about 1 watt a
gallon of PC lighting in a 24 inch deep tank!), perhaps better than high
light tanks. Plant choices are more limited but you can make quite a nice
tank that is easy to keep up with. This tanks has the same high dosings but
about 1/2 the frequency of the other tanks(once a week instead of 2-3x a
week etc). The tank has some crypts, pearl grass and pennywort and does
super. Has for months and months now. Had a bout with BGA but it died when I
cut off the light and got a timer for the light.
Tom Barr