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I had (before Xmas) a nice collection of 10 SAEs (not record size, 
3-4").  I left for an 8 day vacation (no food) and on returning found that 
the fish were distressed.   Originally I thought it might have been a 
riccia overgrowth of the surface and removed over half a pound of 
riccia.   Since the distress continued, I changed 70% of the 
water.  Nothing helped, the distress continued and the fish started 
dying.  I have lost for sure 6/10 fish.  Likely more.   The plants in the 
tank look great, the barbs look great, the corys look great, the otos look 
fair, the SAEs are tough to find.  My partner says she thinks she saw a 
half size SAE, indicating a spawning, which is what I was after.   Are SAEs 
semilparous?   Any other ideas?

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco       gomberg at wcf dot com
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