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Re: Dreamtank!

> Subject: Dreamtank!
> Hi,
> I've been given permission to purchase and setup a aquarium in the
> reception/lounge of the company I work for if I set it up and maintain
> it.
> This tank is to be _heavily_ planted why CO2 and lighting are first
> priorities. Fish will be a large bunch of Neons and so on, a lot of
> Corys and Otos etc.
> There is no budget in sight so here is what I've imagined so far.
> Tank :500-1000L (125-250 gallons) with hoseconnection through tankfloor.

Consider how much your willing to maintain and the design you want. You may
not need an 8 ft tank but perhaps a 6 ft. I'd have the 250 gallon tank

> Light: 3x150W HQI, 5000K

Fine for the 125 size better go higher if your tank is bigger(8ft= 4 lights,
180 gallon 6x2x2ft = 3 x 250w.)
Electronic ballast pendants with Iwaski 6500K bulbs would be my choice.
HQI's are decent though. I think you'll find that you will need/want the
250's at 24inch depth.

> CO2 reactor
> IKS Aquastar aquacomputer with thermo, pH and perhaps redox sensors.

A pH monitor is all that really needed. A DO meter would be better than a
Redox meter given a choice.

> Filter: Eheim 2229 or 2329 wet/dry.

No sump? For a big tank and to maintain even water level, keep all the other
junk out of the way, do yourself a big favor, get a sump wet/dry. Surface
skimming alone makes it worth it.

> Undergravelheating with either heating cable/mats or tube with heated
> waterflow.

Go with flourite or onyx. Simple, effective, nothing to break, plug in or
fret about. 
> What can be done better and/or different?
> Any other thoughts?

Your tank, you ask the questions:)
Tom Barr