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Re: Mounting Fans on Top of Hood

Andy Glasebrook wrote:

> I'm hoping to add two fans to my hood but because the
> fluorescent lights I am using butt up against the sides
> of the hood (bad design on my part) I don't have room
> to add fans on the sides.  Can I mount fans to the top
> of the tank hood so that air is pushed into the hood
> and out the back which is open?  I will have them
> mounted at the front of the hood on both sides.  The other
> option is to cut out areas in the top of the hood for
> passive ventilation. 

If you can make opening(s) on the end to accomodate air inflow, you can
put the fan on top pointing up -- sucking air from the hood, blowing in
tothe room.  You will want a reasonably good "seal" arond the edges of
the hood so that the airflow is across the length of the bulb(s).  You
can cover the openings on the end with fan grill/cover to trap dust and
cove the uglies of the holes -- unless they are very very nice holes. 
;-)  Make the openings total as much area as the fan.  If you use lots
of little holes, you will need a larger total area.

Scott H.

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