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Re: sinking driftwood

John Lemons wrote:

>grrrrr...  i ordered some driftwood and buttonwood from a company 
>in florida, which specializes in tropical (non) aquatic plants, 
>but i asked them specifically if their product would sink or float 
>(i told them it'd be for an aquarium).  they said it'd sink.  well, 
>16 pieces arrived and they all float!  is there a relatively easy 
>way to "treat" this wood?  i don't want to have to send it back...  
>next time, i should be more aware of what "decorative" driftwood 

There are many Driftwood dealers but relatively few aquarium DW specalists.  
They may have sold you Mangrove derived wood.  Can't say for sure 
w/o seeing a sample.  If it is, then your only recourse is to boil it till it 
finally sinks.  At least you won't have to wait months  for it to be sinkable.
Please note; boiled DW will not last nearly as long submersed as
non-heat treated DW. 

The easy way to suggest avoiding the problem is to buy your driftwood 
from an aquarium specialist and pay the few extra bucks for shipping. 
A good rule of thumb before you buy, is to ask a few pointed questions 
beyond "will it sink?".  Such as, "Can you recommend costumers I can 
contact that are satisfied with your driftwood for aquarium use?"  or  
"How much does 12 inches of your DW weigh?".   If the answer is anything
 less than a pound, move on to another dealer.

Aquarium Plants & Driftwood