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E. 'Red Flame' and java moss

2 questions
1) Finally got a hold of the sword plant E. 'red flame' from tropica ( tried
many times to order this plant from ym LFS's) besides typical sword
conditions eg. good substrate (using clay in pots with 15-15-15 fertilizer
pellets embed in the clay balls) and high lighting > 3 watts / gallon anyone
have experiences with this sword? I can't remember i believe when I got my
e. ozelot to flower and send runners for plantlets the photo period was like
10 hours on and 14 off
The current tank i have this plant in also has co2 injection @ 2 bubbles

along with the E. 'red flame' i also purchased a pot of Samolus valerandi
and Lobelia cardinalis  (read some info on it from e-aquaria.com)

2) For java moss has anyone got it to grow well in water with higher temps?
I remmeber my java moss only 'flourish' in cooler tank temps and just
survived in high temp tanks


Raymond Wong
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