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Cooling Fans

I will be building a new light canopy for my new 30-gallon aquarium.  I want
to replace the AC fan I am using in my current fan because it produces a
relatively loud “whirring/whining” sound that can be very annoying at times.
I have been doing some research on AC fans and have found several I am
considering.  I’ve read up on their CFM and dBa ratings, but don’t really
understand what they mean.  To be more precise, I KNOW what they mean, but I
cannot correlate the ratings to anything that means anything to me.  I know
the CFM rating of my current fan (32 CFM), and it seems to do an acceptable
job of cooling my light canopy.  However, I don’t know the noise (dBa) level
of the fan.  Without knowing this, how can I possibly understand how a new
“quieter” fan would compare to my current fan?  Unfortunately, I cannot find
any information on the noise level of my fan.  I was hoping someone here
could give me a hand (***Applause*** Ha! Very funny!).  I am currently using
a Radio Shack 3” 120VAC cooling fan catalog #273-242.  Does anyone know the
dBa noise level of this fan?  If so, it would really help me in choosing a
quieter fan for my new hood.  TIA!

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