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Bad Hair Day

I'm trying to limit myself to 1 question per digest, trying not to be too 
needy here, and now that I know that my Flourish Iron is ok, here's my next 

I have some hair grass (E. acicularis) which I bought from Aquabotanic (my 
favorite on-line plant place), and it is growing very well. My problem: 
every day is a bad hair day. I've seen pictures of hairgrass in other 
people's tanks, and it does not look like the ugly, tangled mass I have in 
my tank. It's about 6.5" tall, nodes everywhere. I've tried trimming it, but 
I don't seem to be able to get the short "lawn look" which I was hoping for. 
And when I trim it, the trimmed bits go floating all over the tank getting 
tangled up in the other plants and generally looking bad. Is it supposed to 
need to be trimmed weekly, and if so, how do I trim it? If not, what am I 
doing wrong? How short should I trim it?


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