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Re: Native Plant Search

    Being an inhabitant of the area, I have looked around in the local 
suburban ponds and lakes in south Florida to see if there is anything of 
interest. I have been able to notice marked seasonal changes (ugly die off 
during the winter months, while the lakes are vibrant and green during the 
summer months). I have seen Bacopa monnieri and
a Ludwigia sp. growing right at the shoreline. I've also seen two
Eleocharis species (parvulus and another, much taller variety),
a mysterious low-growing carpeting plant that looks like a very
stout (much thicker stems) form of Hemianthus micranthemoides,
Cabomba sp., and Egeria. The beaches usually have some varieties
of seagrass, if you're interested (Thalassia and two other, much
finer leaved species), and some neat kinds of macrolagae. Just
a sampling of what you may see (you'll probably see many more).

Have fun!


>Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 05:31:11 - 5 EST
>From: rspahn at sackets-harbor-high_moric.org
>Subject: Re:Native Fla. plant search
>Hi, I'm going to be taking a trip to Cape Coral, Fla. for a few days in
>Feb and am interested in finding some native plants to bring back
>with me to try to propagate.  If anyone knows of any sites that I
>should investigate please let me know. Also what species I'm likely
>find at the site(s).  Thanks, Ray

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