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RE: sinking driftwood

>grrrrr...  i ordered some driftwood and buttonwood from a company 
>in florida, which specializes in tropical (non) aquatic plants, 
>but i asked them specifically if their product would sink or float 
>(i told them it'd be for an aquarium).  they said it'd sink.  well, 
>16 pieces arrived and they all float!  is there a relatively easy 
>way to "treat" this wood?  i don't want to have to send it back...  
>next time, i should be more aware of what "decorative" driftwood 

Tie them to a brick and sink them in a tub of water for a few months.  
Change the water out every few days.  That will waterlog them as 
well as leach tannins et al from the wood.  If they still float 
(doubtful), screw a pieces of slate at a position that would be 
covered in gravel or sand.