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My Theory on the Moss

>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:40:48 -0500
>From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at charter_net>
>Subject: Christmas moss not growing
>This is a shot in the dark but... I had the same problem, my moss wasn't
>doing anything. No new growth.  I dumped in some Seachem Excel which
>binds/affects the iron I think?  Whatever it did, my moss went nuts.  I have
>started adding iron and it is doing well.  Could you be iron limited?

Daphne, I'm not sure how one gets to become iron-limited but I like
to say again that I have never add any sort of minerals or liquid
fertilisers to my nursery tanks where the Christmas Moss grows like
crazy.  I do, however, change water every often.  I have 2 nursery
tanks, one of which I change half the water once every 3 days or so.
On my other nursery tank, the water gets changed about half everyday.
This is because the tank leaks and several times a day, I will have to
top it up.  Members of my family take turns doing that when I'm out
at work.

But reading about what you said that the moss wasn't doing anything
for a while after you received them, it seems to me that quite a few folks
reported the same syndrome too - that the moss doesn't seem to be growing
for the first few days or weeks and then it suddenly takes off.  I think I know
the reason why but be warned - that's just the Forest Gump in me postulating
my latest far-fetched theory.

I think it's Jet Lag.  Yes, you read that right, folks.  Think about it.
When the moss reached you, it has travelled hundred of miles in complete
darkness.  Considering our different time zones and all, it must be quite
a tough journey for any aquatic plant.  My friends who have been to the
US of A tell me that it takes them a few days to recover from the jet
lag.  So, if it can happen to humans, I suppose plants aren't an exception.
Even though almost all of you reported that the moss looks as though
it's just been taken out of a tank when you receive it, I suspect the
journey must have taken its toll.  The moss probably needs time to
recover and when it does, it starts growing like crazy.

But seriously, don't lose heart if your moss isn't growing well now.
Believe me, if an idiot like me can grow it, anyone can.

Loh K L