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Intuitive Aquatic Gardening (was "Clueless in Singapore)

>Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:18:20 +0800
>From: " Anthony Baker" <bakera506 at earthlink_net>
>Subject: RE: KL's Moss Question

>I think my ghost shrimp might eat a bit -- the fronds are not as
"triangular" in the little tanks.
>I tend to agree that it is probably something eating the moss

Tony, I'm quite sure ghost shrimps do not eat the moss as I have plenty of
critters in my tanks.  The reason why the fronds in your little tanks are
not as
triangular is probably due to other factors but don't ask me what they are :)

>You crack me up KL!  You're obviously doing something right intuitively!
Any new pics of your current aquascape?

I would like to think that I was born with a "wet and green" thumb but
that isn't the reason why the Christmas Moss grows like crazy in my tanks.
I don't
have as much success with other plants.  And there are all sorts of algae
everywhere in my tanks. In fact, I kind of suspect that when you all
started to
encounter algae problems after receiving the moss from me, they must have come
together with the moss.  My apologies but I have always tried to remove all
algae before I send the moss out.

My tanks have undergone major re-aquascaping since I pulled out all the
Narrow Leaf Java Ferns and took down the moss walls.  I haven't taken any
pictures yet because the way my tanks look now, I wouldn't want to show
them to anyone.  Let's just say that other than the new moss wall which is
growing very well, everything else looks pathetic.  I would have asked for
help in growing my other plants on this mailing list but how do you seek
help when you can't even describe the parameters accurately?  I don't own
any test kits and half the time, I don't understand the discussions about
water chemistry here.  You know, sometimes, you guys really scare me.
The way you all go about dissecting the fertiliser atom and all, that makes
me feel like I'm a kindergarten kid listening to a group of scientists talking
about the theory of relativity.  Really, I feel like such a novice although
I have been on this mailing list for many years.  I'm a hopeless aquatic
gardener and the only plants I grow well are the Christmas Moss and
the Narrow Leaf Java Fern.  Besides these 2, the normal Java Ferns grow
pretty well in my tanks too and so do Windelov and Java Moss.  The Crypts
Balansae aren't doing too bad either and my Micranthenum micranthemoides
and Riccia grow so fast I give bunches of them away to the fish shops every
other week.

Well, maybe I'm not so hopeless after all.  I must be the Forest Gump of this
mailing list :)

Loh K L