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cladaphora algae

I too am battling cladaphora algae (bad smelling,

I have been removing clumps for weeks, by hand.  A
while ago, I purchased 10 ameca splendens.  They do
eat this algae, but not the point that my tank has
been rid of it.

In total I have in this tank (135gal):

2 adult SAE's
4 juvenile SAE's
2 adult American Flag Fish
8 adult Ameca splendens (2 died for no good reason)
1 rosy barb

I previously added about 10 c. japonica, but I think
they all crawled out and died.

I am winning the war, but slowly.  Most of the algae
are restricted to areas the fish have a hard time
getting to.  Things have improved to the point that I
have a legitimate e. acicularis foreground, for the
first time.  But let me tell you, this algae is tough!
 Be patient.


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