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Re: Algae problem, please advise (2nd attempt) "pompom" algae

Paul Krombholz:

>There is no such thing as a photosynthetic fungus.  It has got to be an alga.

Didn't think so.  Its just that its like no true alge I've ever seen.
Which is the gist of my point.

>>The good news is it  takes very few pregnant females to do the thorough job
>>on a fair sized aquarium.  The bad news is pregnant algae shrimp are hard
>>to find and when you do, they don't stay pregnant for ever.  I'd go with
>>the hungry shrimp route.  Takes many more but they do work.

Paul Krombholz:

>I once tried a freshwater shrimp-like organism called Gammarus, and they
>ate the Cladophora, but then they ate all my plants.  Not good!  Gammarus
>is not a true shrimp.  I think it is an isopod, whereas shrimp are

Never heard of Gammarus.  From what you described it sounds like something
I'd prefer to stay away from.  The algae shrimp I was referring to is the
popular "Amano" shrimp (C. japonica).   And yes, the pregnant females make
short work of the stuff.  BTW, I have never noticed any foul smell in
dealing with this  algae.  It tends to be light to dark greenish gray in

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