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Re: My tank can't get enough iron!

James Purchase wrote,

"My own experience as well as a review of the many, many posts made to the
APD over the past few years regarding testing for Iron leads me to believe
that the use of indicator plants is a far more reliable method of determing
how much Iron your tank needs than any test kit can ever hope to be. You
need to start really looking at your tank, maybe taking notes and photos as
visual records over time and learn for yourself how your tank and your
plants react to the fertilizer inputs you introduce.

All the test kits in the world aren't going to ever replace the visual
feedback you get from actually looking at how your plants are growing."

I agree 100%...

It drives me absolutely nuts trying to interpret test kits in an effort to
understand what's in my tank water.  I've been obsessed with my planted
tanks for about 10 years now and still haven't a clue as to how to "read" my
plants.  For me, I blame part of this on the years of being led astray by
using a certain manufacturer's brand of cheap test kits (everyone likely
knows who I'm talking about).  

It seems obvious to me that there would be some demand for a good book based
strictly on a couple of different indicator plants that show various
deficiencies (with good pictures).  Something that would describe the tank's
condition leading up to the deficiency and then the results of the
corrective action.  Perhaps that would accelerate the learning curve
inherent in "reading your plants".  Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars
on a bunch of Lamotte or Hach test kits, I would gladly pay that amount for
a good book like this.

on the krib is a great idea as well, but it seems to be so vague that it's
practically useless.  Spice it up with some pictures of some hygro-poly
showing the deficiencies described in the chart and then that's a useful
tool.  Heck I'd be happy to just know the difference between Fe, N, and P
deficiencies (I think I've always had one, even though my test kits say I